New Nationwide Partnership with FactoryFour Brings IoT and RFID Solutions

We are proud to share the news of our new, nationwide partnership with FactoryFour. Together, we will be delivering combined solutions to the manufacturing and logistics industries. Our partnership means that we can provide tailored AIDC, IoT and RFID solutions that leverage FactoryFour’s capabilities, which include real-time work-in-process (WIP) visibility, enhanced quality control and asset and inventory traceability. These will work in conjunction with our GoLive and StayLive Services™ to deliver system design, deployment, and execution solutions.

“Barcoding offers a fit-to-purpose WIP tracking and process automation solution with FactoryFour that delivers high ROI with superior reporting and decision support,” said Ken Currie, our vice president of business development. “This partnership with FactoryFour will provide our manufacturing customers with a seamless, customizable solution as they scale and manage production.”

We are thrilled to see how this collaboration allows us to provide even more solutions to help you be more efficient, accurate and connected. Contact us to learn more, or check out the press release.

About Factory Four
Factory Four is a leader in manufacturing management. Their unique, next-generation manufacturing execution platform combines the most current technology with industry expertise to bring customers truthful, real-time data, enabling them to minimize lead time and make the best choices for their business. The platform is fully customizable to provide customers with ease in quality assurance, asset and inventory tracking, and more.

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