New Motorola RFID Reader

fx7400 rfid readerMotorola recently released the FX7400, a new RFID reader that is compact and light weight, perfect for point-of –sale applications, item-level tracking, retail inventory management, file tracking, and any environment where performance is critical. The FX series of RFID readers is designed for business-class customers to easily deploy, use, and manage RFID.

For large organizations, the Motorola FX7400 also supports deployments worldwide with a single configuration, allowing organizations to manage their RFID systems from across the world. In addition, the Motorola FX4700 features:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Connectivity
  • Unique Key Hole Bracket for Easy Mounting
  • Two and Four Antenna Port Configurations
  • Easy Integration with Microsoft BizTalk, IBM WebSphere, and Microsoft .Net
  • Variable Security Features

The goal of the Motorola FX7400 is to provide a stepping stone for customers across a wide variety of verticals to fully adopt RFID technology. In order to enhance user experience with RFID technology and the Motorola FX7400, Motorola has released a new reader interface and set of APIs in .NET, C, and Java, in addition to releasing ShowCase II, a new software enabling broad range of applications such as benchmarking, field testing, firmware, and seamless reader configuration upgrades.

While RFID may not yet be a fully adopted technology, I think Motorola is taking a step in the right direction by releasing such a compact and easy to implement RFID reader such as the FX7400.