New Mobile Devices for the Cold Chain

Whats logistically trickier than a supply chain? A cold chain! Freezers and end-to-end cold chains are some of the most unforgiving environments for mobile computers. Luckily, Motorola Solutions recently announced three new mobile computers that are able to withstand the demands of extremely cold temperatures.

The Omnii XT15f rugged handheld and VH10 vehicle-mount mobile computers are designed specifically to be used in freezer and heavy condensation applications. Together, these devices offer flawless fulfillment in even the most challenging environments.

The Omnii XT15f features:

  • Ideal for data capture and traceability applications in cold and humid climates
  • Specialized keyboards designed to resist freezing and overcome ice build-up
  • Arctic variants with integrated heater
  • Available in condensation-resistant and condensation-free models
  • Batteries designed specifically for ultra-low temperatures

Psion VH10 and VH10f feature:

  • Intended for forklift trucks, straddle cranes and other warehouse vehicles
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Built to withstand continuous operations in industrial environments
  • Rugged keyboard with 12 dedicated and configurable function keys
  • Optimized for freezer environments

Learn more about the XT15f and VH10/VH10f.