New Mobile Barcode Standards Coming Soon!

The GS1 has recently teamed up with the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) to work on new barcode specifications to support mobile developers in creating barcode scanning apps.

So far, they’ve enlisted the help of Fujitsu, NEC and AT&T with the hope of launching the new specifications by next year. The new standards will be based on existing standards in order to facilitate mobile app developers to link apps to trusted content, expedite release and lower cost.

The new specifications would allow mobile manufacturers and network operators to build handsets with the following capabilities:

  • Universal scanning of standardized barcodes
  • Built-in barcode scanning using smartphone’s camera
  • Linking barcodes with trusted content
  • Support for user analytics collection

These specifications would not only make it easier for developers, but also benefit consumers by providing more intuitive applications.

“Current application developers need to build or license bar code scanning software for their apps, which adds extra complexity and maintenance to their development. Being able to exploit a capability that is already built into mobile devices will make this simpler,” stated a GS1 representative.

While some apps will always be better than others, the new specifications should improve barcode scanning quality within mobile applications, creating an easier developing environment and a more enjoyable user experience.