New Intermec Barcode Scanner Family: SR61T

Intermec recently released a new industrial tethered barcode scanner family, consisting of the SR61T and the SR61TXR. These barcode scanners are definitely rugged, being able to withstand up to 26 drops from 6.5 feet to concrete and/or steel. Their 2D imagers can easily read linear, stacked, composite and matrix barcode both up close and from as far away as 50 feet… no need to leave the forklift!

In addition, the scanners are eay to use and very ergonomic, featuring omni-directional barcode reading to eliminate the need for proper orientation and thys improving operator efiiciency. In addition, the new line of barcode scanners feautre:

  • USB 2.0 full-speed interface
  • Superior motion tolerance
  • VGA+ resolution image capture
  • Extra-range 2D configuration (SR61TXR)

For more information on the Intermec SR61T family, download the specification sheet.

Fore information on Intermec and their products, learn more here.