New Interactive Barcode Portraits from Scott Blake

Our favorite artist, Scott Blake, recently completed some new pieces. If you’re not familiar with his work, he uses barcodes to create interactive portraits of celebrities and other well-known figures. However, Blake doesn’t just use any barcodes—each portrait is well thought out and the barcodes used correspond to his subject matter. For example, his barcode portrait of Marilyn Monroe uses barcodes from her films. In addition, many of the barcodes are interactive, playing videos or linking to other relevant content.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Blake was asked if he ever got bored of barcodes. His response? “Sometimes I get bored, but I find a new way to interact with them. I thought I might have stopped at this point but now we have QR codes, which are two dimensional bar codes. I just did a portrait that is completely interactive with smart phones. So I am embracing this new technology.”

Here’s to making barcodes fun, and always finding new uses for them.

Check out Scott Blake’s barcode rendition of Oprah below and see more of his work.