New Email Service Delivers Messages via Snails and RFID

Artists at U.K.’s Bournemouth University have created the first email service to deliver messages via snails equipped with RFID tags.  Co-creators Vicky Isley and Paul Smith have taken the term “snail mail” to a new level., will allows users to submit emails that get sent to a tank of snails and two RFID readers.  RealSnailMail currently has 8 snails (or snail agents as they like to call them) carrying 20mm RFID disc tags to slowly deliver your messages.  Snails like the two pictured at left can pick up the message from one RFID reader and carry it around with them until they happen to pass by the drop off point (the other RFID reader).  This process can take days, weeks, even months.  RealSnailMail will officially launch on August 11th, for more information about this project you can visit Boredom Research.