New ARBOR PC/104 SBC Module

Arbor Technology is one of the most prominently renowned IPC solutions providers when it comes to embedded computing innovations and technologies. Moreover, it has just announced the launch of Arbor Em 104-i230F PC/104 SBC Module. The technology behind this new SBC module is focused and primarily on Intel’s new Atom processors, specifically the E3800 series.

The Arbor PC/104 SBC Module has approximate dimensions of 96x90mm – and the best thing about it is the very fact that Arbor is offering an extremely competitive entry-price for this particular form factor. Plus, Intel’s Atom E3800 processors have also been designed to feature a reduced TDP (thermal design power), which is an increase from 6 watts to 10 watts.

The technology behind Arbor’s new innovation primarily include a bigger L2 cache, which is shared by more than two cores and features far more efficient and effective Intel HD graphics unity in comparison to Arbor’s previous technological components. The Arbor PC/104 SBC Module has the processing power to convert newer applications into stunning visual experiences.

Abror’s new SBC Module is also designed to support Intel® AES-NI set, which stands for (Advanced Encryption Standard – New Instructions) and boasts considerably more relevancy than before when you talk about practical applications. What this essentially means is that developers can now happily offload specifically compute-intensive encryption as well as packaging routines of the famous Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a cryptographic algorithm – into hardware.

This will enable developers to generate HPE or high performance encryption without having to worry about over-stressing the CPU’s cores.

The SBC Module (Em 104-i230F) is designed to give you up to 8 GB of powerful and efficient DDR3L memory through a single SO-DIMM socket. This integration of graphic is way more powerful than the previous generation and is also integrated to support DirectX 11, OpenGL, OpenCL , OpenCL 1.2 and faster, more superior-performing as well as flexible hardware decoding.

The module can also decode multiple high-resolution full High Definition videos in tandem. The Em 104-i230F module’s graphic interface also features support for Analog RGB, with an increased resolution of up to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels as well as dual channels 24-bit LVDS. These are two independent displays the components supports.

Legacy Support and PC/104 Expansion
Two SATA interfaces with one SATA connector and one mSATA socket up to 3 Gb/s allow for a considerably faster and efficient system extension, which is because of native USB 3.0 support. The board provides extremely fast data transmission, considerably reducing power consumption. Two USB 2.0 ports are also given along with a single port for SuperSpeed 3.0 USB. The module’s dual Gigabit Ethernet port provide for significant boost in interconnectivity. The SBC also features highly flexible and adaptive I/O functionality, which include 4 COM ports, PS/2 keyboard and mouse.

In addition, to complete the set, the module also features a Watchdog Time and an 8-bit Digital I/O.

Abror’s new SBC Module (Em 104-i230F) has operating temperatures of -40 degrees centigrade and 85 degrees centigrade.

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