Never Lose Your Luggage Again with RFID!

16_reboundtag grey backgroundIf your luggage has ever fallen victim to being lost at the airport, then ReboundTAG is for you.

ReboudTAG uses RFID chips to keep track of luggage and travel details, allowing them to be identified anywhere in the world. Once found, owners are notified by email or SMS.

Two different RFID tags are used in ReboundTAG. One is a digital identifier that tells the system who the bag belongs to, an the other can be reprogrammed with your travel details each time you arrive at a desk and check your bags. From there, RFID tags communicate with digital readers and scanners without requiring their own power source, so there’s no need to worry about needing to recharge.

While most major baggage handling systems already use RFID technology, ReboundTAG is also equipped with a printed barcode and number that can also be used.

Best of all, should the bag get lost, the owner of the luggage is alerted of its location in real-time via email or SMS.

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