Day of Action: Why Net Neutrality Matters

Today is Net Neutrality “July 12th Day of Action”

You may have heard the term “Net Neutrality” recently. So what is it and why is it important? In a nutshell… Net Neutrality describes the current rules in place to ensure that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) treat all content equally and do not block, slow or otherwise discriminate against user access to web content.

Why Net Neutrality Matters to You:

  • Eliminating Net Neutrality incentivizes ISPs to create Internet “fast lanes” that will go to the highest bidder.
  • This will discourage competition by tilting the playing field in favor of large enterprises that have the resources to outspend smaller competitors. Which means…
  • Internet-enabled small businesses would be among those hit hardest by new fees and tiered services.

eBay Government Relations (who provided this content) and Barcoding, Inc. join a large group of companies — including many of the world’s most prominent technology companies — who are encouraging all supporters of an Open Internet to join today’s Net Neutrality “July 12th Day of Action”. eBay has partnered with the Internet Association to bring you this great educational website with links to the proper FCC comment form. We encourage you to join this effort, learn more about this important issue, and tell the FCC to keep Net Neutrality alive and in place.

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