NeoSphere 2D Mobile Barcode Analytics

NeoMedia, a company focused on 2D mobile barcode technology, has recently released the next generation of its barcode management platform, NeoSphere™. From 2010 to 2011, the NeoSphere saw an unprecedented growth rate of 1800 percent, clearly illustrating the increased usage of mobile 2D barcodes among brands, marketers and consumers.

While NeoSphere has always offered a simple way for brands to integrate 2D barcodes into their marketing efforts and track their results, the upgrade offers additional functionality such as:

  • More efficient barcode handling and support for many more code types, including UPC, EAN, ISBN
  • Enhanced user-friendly analytics and reporting with the ability to analyze a broader range of statistics

For more information on NeoSphere, learn more here.

If you’ve used NeoShere or another 2D mobile barcode analytics tracker, I’d like to hear how the data collected influenced future campaigns. Let us know how your mobile barcode campaigns were enhanced after analyzing data by commenting here, or on our facebook or twitter pages.