Navigating with Barcodes!

While you may have learned all about the Dewey Decimal System in elementary school, going to the library and successfully tracking down the book you’re seeking can be daunting. Luckily, barcodes can help!

Simon Robinson, Jennifer Pearson, and Matt Jones from the Future Interaction Technology Lab at Swansea University have done extensive research on how to use barcodes for indoor navigation in a library.

Using a mobile app, you would simply search for the book you’re looking for and scan the nearest barcode. From there, the system plots a map to the location of your desired book. Essentially, barcodes are used as data points in order to determine location and route.

Currently the researchers’ app, BookMark, is only available to Android-users at the Swansea University Library, but imagine the possibilities.

Could a similar technology be applied to grocery stores? What about airports? Share your thoughts on using barcodes as a means of internal navigation by commenting on this post, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.