MyTown and Barcodes

If you don’t have an iPhone, than you may not have heard of the MyTown app, but with a user-base of over 3.1 million that is still growing, it’s hard not to take notice the app’s success, no matter what kind of phone you have.

MyTown uses GPS capabilities in order to allow users to check-in to real-world locations in order to unlock rewards. Similar to the classic game of Monopoly, users can become “owner” of their real-life favorite places and even check collect “rent” when other users check in. The more check-ins your shop has, the higher value and rent there is. With its latest update, MyTown users can earn points and real-world rewards by scanning the barcode of a product.

From a developers standpoint, the barcode feature of the app allows for greater information on the geo-location of the user, and from a consumers standpoint, it allows greater access to coupons for the products and places that most interest you. Basically, it’s complete personalization for the consumer, which is every marketer’s dream.

While there are some similar apps, none on the market have gained as many users as MyTown. It will be interesting to see what happens with newer apps such as Barcode Hero, but it seems as though the combination of geo-location, barcodes, and checking in for rewards are all popular types of apps that will change the way consumers shop and businesses market.