Mozambique to Get Barcodes in 2012

Although the barcode has been in the U.S. for nearly 38 years, not all countries were so quick to adopt, and others have still not implemented a barcode system.

Mozambique has been coveting the barcode since 2008, but it won’t be until later this year that a bar code system will be introduced. Armand Inroga, Mozambique’s Industry and Trade Minister, believes the government is now in a good position to introduce a bar code system since all of the legal requirements have been fulfilled.

Transactions throughout the country will become easier and the country will be able to export goods with a barcode proving that the good was made in Mozambique. Currently, goods made in Mozambique only have a stamp.

The push for a bar code system comes from Mozambican business people, who have been complaining about the lack of a barcode for years. The absence of a barcode on Mozambican goods, especially in supermarkets, led retailers to prefer imported goods. In addition, the lack of a barcode limits the amount of exports on consumables.

Thus, the introduction of the barcode in Mozambique is long over do. Hopefully a bar code system will be able to be implemented before the end of 2012 and Mozambique will see both the economic and logistical benefits of the barcode.