Mount Your Rugged Tablets

Maneuvering a forklift through a warehouse is no easy task, but the tools your drivers use could make all the difference. Recently, the trend has been to go with a vehicle-mounted mobile computer (VMC) in order to ensure efficiency.

Rugged tablet PC’s mounted to the forklift offer a simpler way to communicating throughout the warehouse with one device that can withstand the harsh environment. Rugged tablet PC’s are stable when mounted to the forklift, but can easily be taken off for maximum handheld portability.

A rugged tablet would be able to meet all of your warehouse needs—from barcode scanning, to RFID reading and wireless communication. But being able to dock and mount the device adds an extra layer of benefits that forklift operators will reap.

Take your warehouse operations to the next level by learning more about vehicle-mounted, rugged tablet PC’s.