Motorola Ventures Invests in ScanLife

motorola scanlifeScanbuy’s popular “ScanLife” technology enables companies to connect customers with online content via the users’ cell phone cameras and barcodes. It offers an easy platform for advertisers to extend more information to their customers in a compact amount of space. Businesses can easily place 1D or 2D barcodes on their ads or packaging and users whom have a ScanLife enabled camera phone will be able to scan the barcode, which will take them to more information on the product. By simply taking a picture, or “scanning,” the barcode, users can view a website, launch a video and even see the company’s social networking sites.

For businesses, ScanLife has a Code Management Platform that enables the tracking and analysis tools, such as scan quantities and locations, giving businesses higher visibility into consumer behavior and thus enabling them to develop more targeted, strategic marketing strategies.

Motorola Ventures believes that mobile barcodes are a powerful tool for both consumers, businesses and even wireless providers.

With Motorola Ventures investing in Scanbuy’s ScanLife, I believe that this is a great leap in the right direction as far as spreading QR codes to America, who is still behind in mobile barcode technology compared to Japan and parts of Europe.