Motorola TC55: Consumer-like Device with an Enterprise Touch

Motorola Solutions recently introduced the TC55 Touch, a durable, pocket-sized, mobile touch-screen computer that’s so sleek, you’ll think you’re using a standard consumer device. However, unlike its consumer-grade counterparts, the Motorola TC55 has integrated data capture capabilities and is built to withstand tough industrial environments.

The Motorola TC55 features:

  • 4.3” capacitive touch screen
  • Expanded enterprise software for rapid deployment
  • Over 80 years of Motorola voice leadership
  • Integrated barcode scanner and imager for fast, accurate data capture
  • Android OS

The Motorola TC55 offers the perfect solution for businesses considering consumer-grade Android devices, but still want the reliability, durability and functionality of enterprise-grade devices.

Watch the video below to see the Motorola TC55 in action, or learn more about the TC55.