Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile Named Technology of the Year

BYOD is the latest buzzword these days, and in our recent discussion of BYOD, we discussed the RhoMobile Suite from Motorola Solutions. Essentially, the RhoMobile Suite makes BYOD easy—simply develop one application and let RhoMobile do all of the legwork in getting it to work across different platforms.

Word of Motorola’s RhoMobile has caught on and named it, “Technology of the Year” in its 2012 Awards.

“Scalable data synchronization, onboard database encryption, and solid hardware support (including NFC on Android) help round out this top choice among mobile platforms,” said James R. Borch, senior contributing editor of the InfoWorld Test Center.”

Motorola’s RhoMobile Suite is truly a unique software that bridges cross-platform barriers to make BYOD possible.