Motorola Solutions Keeps Cleveland Safe

Earlier this year, we discussed how enterprise mobile technology is helping law enforcers in mission critical situations. Motorola Solutions recently came out with a case study which proves the effectiveness of video surveillance in the city of Cleveland.

The city of Cleveland started the Cleveland Shared Security Surveillance (CS3) program in order to set-up security cameras that stream real-time information back to police and emergency operations centers.

The project was started in 2007 and has evolved into a system involving command vehicles, wireless cameras, incident correlation, wireless broadband integration, managed video services and much more.

The City of Cleveland worked with Motorola Solutions to expand their video system to deter crime. The video surveillance solutions allow first responders to view their community in real-time, 24/7. Live mobile video can be streamed from a crime scene back to the command center, or even mobile devices such as the LEX 700, in order to facilitate coordination between all involved parties.

The City of Cleveland’s Public Safety Director, Martin Flask, stated, “The Cleveland community has benefitted directly from our work with Motorola Solutions. The video solutions project creates a sense of awareness and a feeling of safety, especially in the high-traffic areas such as our downtown business district and sporting arenas.“

Hopefully more cities will follow in Cleveland’s footsteps and invest in the right technology to keep them safe.

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