Motorola Solutions Introduces New Products at ProMat

Its been busy week in Chicago—the ProMat expo was held at McCormick Place and the industry’s leading innovators showcased their latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain systems.

Motorola Solutions showcased a variety of different products, utilizing the latest in wireless and mobile to help enterprises improve the way they do business. Specifically, Motorola Solutions, in conjunction with recently purchased Psion, announced two new products at the show—the AP 6562 and the Omnii XT15ni.

The AP6562 is a dual radio 802.11n access point inside an IP67 outdoor-rated access point and features:

  • Ability to extend internal Wi-Fi network and deliver bandwidth to run complex applications
  • MeshConnex™ technology, allowing fast routing for higher data rates and a better user experience in high bandwidth applications
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Scanning capabilities for 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands for network assurance and security.

The Omnii XT15ni, a rugged handheld mobile computer, features:

  • Non-incendive-certified for safe operation
  • Modularity for easy upgrade
  • Imagers
  • Push-to-talk speaker
  • Camera
  • WAN radio
  • Three keyboard options

See Motorola’s warehouse innovations in action: