Motorola Solutions’ ET1 Enhanced for Retail Indusrty

We recently discussed how Motorola Solutions was improving customer experience in the retail industry via proximity awareness analytics, but now, Motorola Solutions is looking to optimize the retail industry even more through their ET1 Tablet.

Although the tablet has been out and used in a variety of different verticals, Motorola Solutions recently released a line of accessories for the popular enterprise tablet, specifically designed for retail markets in mind.

While the ET1 is an enterprise-grade tablet, it offers a consumer-class user experience that allows retailers to provide their associates with the right tools to help customers, providing a better shopping experience.

After conducting a study on the future of retail, Motorola Solutions realized that 39 percent of shoppers were not satisfied with the level of help or information that store associates were able to provide.

By using the Motorola ET1 tablet and accessories, store associates can provide a better shopping experience and offer more product information. The ET1 and its accessories allow associates to:

  • Capture multiple barcode symbologies, even off of a mobile phone
  • Read credit, gift and loyalty cards, turning the ET1 into a mobile point of sale (MPOS) device
  • Carry the device easily via a hip holster
  • Protect the device using a protective rubber bezel

In addition, the ET1 can support custom apps built on the RhoMobile Suite, allowing developers to build secure, enterprise-grade applications that can also be used via almost any OS.

Learn more about how the ET1 and its retail accessories can keep both employees and customers happy.