Motorola Solutions APPFORUM Code-A-Thon: Winner Announced!

On June 5, 2012, at the APPFORUM Americas 2012 Developer Forum, Motorola Solutions held a competition—the APPFORUM Code-A-Thon. The competition was an opportunity for developers to showcase their enterprise application development skills by developing a cutting-edge enterprise application for MOTORBO™ radios, enterprise mobile computers, or both.

Barcoding Inc. was pleased to discover that the final winner of the APPFORUM Code-A-Thon was our very own Lead Software Engineer, Jack Nosek.

Using HTML 5, Jack wrote a web application called XPO™ tradeshow management that allows trade show goers to manage their vendor’ catalogs in real time. If product information such as pricing or order quantities changes throughout the show, XPO™ will automatically update the catalog. Although the app was complex and comprehensive, it was easy to use and had a great user interface, making for the perfect combination of a winning app.

“It is a privilege to be one of the three winners of the first-ever Motorola Solutions APPFORUM Code-A-Thon. My goal was to create an application that solves a specific customer issue while utilizing capabilities like rich graphics and a larger screen, along with a user-friendly layout for easy navigation. Using the Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet to create a cutting-edge solution, I applied the same skills Barcoding uses on a day-to-day basis to develop programs that help our customers improve the efficiency of their business,” said Nosek.

Barcoding Inc. is proud to have such a stellar team member and congratulates all of the Code-A-Thon winners.

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