Motorola Scanner Configuration Utility

Motorola’s scanner configuration utility, 123Scan2, allows users to simplify scanner deployment by offering an easy-to-use Windows-based utility that has a clean interface and wizard tool to streamline the setup process.

With the Motorola 123Scan2, users can upgrade firmware, get software updates, generate a multi-setting barcode, create custom products and state a large number of scanners at once. In addition, the Motorola 123Scan2 features:

  • Automatic monitoring of Motorola’s web site for new firmware
  • Automatic re-load of pre-upgrade settings
  • Ability to automatically detect and establish 2-way communication
  • Automated collection of asset tracking information
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Word, Access and other popular office tools
  • Enables users to save bar code configuration sheets as Word documents
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

For more information on the Motorola Scanner Configuration Utility, download thespecification sheet.