Motorola RS409 Wearable Ring Scanner

Motorola Symbol RS409The Motorola RS409 allows users to scan barcodes comfortably via a ring scanner that can easily be worn on the finger or over a gloved hand. In addition to convenience and comfort, the RS409 offers real-time high-performance scanning that can be used in even the most demanding of scan-intensive environments.

In addition, the Motorola RS409 offers:

  • Hands-free scanning
  • SE955 scan engine
  • Retro-collective optical design
  • Bright scan line and aim mode
  • Resistant housing design
  • Supports Reduced Space Symbology (RSS)
  • Swivel feature
  • Separate finger strap assembly
  • Better trigger ergonomics
  • Oversize LED light pipe
  • RoHS compliant

These features allow for a great blend of form and function, allowing users to scan, pick and sort with ease.