Motorola MC9090-Z RFID Hand-held Mobile Computer

For an all-around reader that can capture different types of data such as RFID tags and 1D and 2D barcodes, the Motorola MC9090-Z RFID handheld offers some great features, such as reading data in remote areas where fixed RFID readers can’t reach.

In addition to an extended read-range, workers will enjoy improved read rates, creating higher throughput for maximum productivity. If you’re concerned about your rugged warehouse environment, the Motorola MC9090-Z RFID handheld can handle it. In addition, the device features:

  • Superior application flexibility
  • Exceptionally rugged construction
  • Pinpoint locating technology
  • Superior wireless connectivity
  • Maximize software development investment
  • Persistent storage and multimedia application support
  • Wirelessly synchronize, print, and connect to a headset
  • Easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Forward scanning, pistol grip ergonomics
  • Integrated directional antenna (70 degree forward-looking)

For more information on the Motorola MC9090-Z RFID handheld reader, download the specification sheet

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