Motorola MC75A EDA

The Motorola 3.5G MC75A is an EDA designed with ruggedness and durability in mind. By maximizing processing power, rugged design, application flexibility, data capture capabilities, connectivity options, security and manageability, enterprises are able to standardize, using one single EDA to support workers both in and outside.

The Motorola 3.5G MC75A is available in 3.5G WWAN/WLAN and WLAN only and features:

  • Rugged, lightweight design
  • Powerful microprocessor
  • Increased operability
  • 3.5G WWAN capability
  • WLAN and VoIP support
  • Assisted and autonomous GPS support
  • WPAN and IrDA
  • High definition VGA display
  • Compatible with MC70 and MC75 accessories
  • Multiple keypad options
  • External WWAN antenna
  • Robust memory space

Learn more about the MC75A by downloading the specification sheet.