Motorola DS4308 Series Most Impressive Yet!

Motorola recently introduced their next-generation 2D imager—the Symbol DS4308. The DS4308 series of imagers is easy to use and offers an extensive read range, allowing users to scan barcodes from closer or farther away than any others in its class.

The DS4308 is available in four models:

Ideal for scanning barcodes on mobile phones, drivers’ licenses and UPC codes from up to 28 inches away.

Features a 16.5 inch read range, ideal for general POS scanning. In addition, is well suited for scanning small barcodes on electronics, jewelry, etc.

This imager is made for barcode scanning at the patient bedside. It features haptic feedback to ensure patients are not disturbed, and of course has an IP43 sealing and disinfectant-ready plastic housing perfect for any hospital environment.

This presentation scanner with a built-in adjustable stand enables workers to instantly switch between handheld and hands-free mode.

The DS4308 series is Motorola’s most advanced imaging engine and offers PRZM intelligent imaging, so high-density barcodes, barcodes on mobile screens, and even damaged barcodes can be scanned.

“The new Symbol DS4308 series of imagers provides the advanced performance, ergonomics and versatility that organizations rely on to meet their business needs whether it is in a retail store, hospital or manufacturing plant. With the brightest LED aiming dot and omnidirectional scanning – the sweet spot for can’t miss point-and-shoot scanning, we made the DS4308 our most intuitive and easy-to-use scanner so more items get scanned and less time is spent prepping for a scan,” said Bob Sanders, senior vice president of Data Capture Solutions, Motorola Solutions.

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