Motorola Could Read Your Mind

Motorola recently applied for a patent to wirelessly submit thoughts to your mobile device.

Motorola Mobility recently applied for a patent that would involve electronic smart tattoos placed atop your vocal cords in order to intercept subtle voice and or sub vocal commands.

It’s been known for decades that when we speak to ourselves in our inner voice, the brain sill sends neural spike volleys to the vocal cords—a very similar process to what occurs when we speak aloud. The main difference is that when we speak to ourselves, it’s covert speech, which does not cause the full muscle to contract.

Motorola’s patent involves picking up auditory signals from the tattoo and converting them into a digital signal. The tattoo would feature built-in EMG and ECG electrodes that could generate electrical records of muscle activity, compounding nerve potentials.

So, when would this sort of technology come in handy? Imagine being in a crowd, or on the street where it’s loud. Siri or Google Now won’t be able to understand you, but you need directions. With this type of technology, you could simply think your voice command and it could be sent to your device wirelessly.

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