Most Versatile Barcode Scanner: Intermec SR61ex

sr61ex barcode scanner The Intermec SR61ex is one of the only handheld barcode scanners with integrated near/far area imaging technology, allowing users to omnidirectionally read multiple symbologies at distances of 6 inches to over 50 ft. It’s rugged design can easily be integrated with a Bluetooth device or cabled interface. In addition, the Intermec SR61 features:

  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning
  • Image Capture
  • Near Far Scanning Capability
  • Omni-directional Scanning
  • Centered Decoding
  • Laser Auto-determining illumination
  • Reads Damaged Codes with Ease
  • Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • 10+ Hour Lithium ion battery

All of these features make for easier, more accurate scanning, keeping data correct and workers happy. The SR1ex is designed for inventory management, picking, shipping/ receiving, cross docking, work-in-process, tool crib, and pallet tracking scanning applications, allowing it to easily withstand drops, temperature extremes, and other elements.

Learn more about the Intermec SR61ex here.