More Ticketless Travel: Railroads in the UK go 2D

Ticketless Train Travel in UK with 2D BarcodesRecently, UK rail operators agreed to start a national standard for electronic tickets. This new standard of operation will be fueled by 2D barcodes, allowing passengers in the UK to purchase and board trains using their mobile phones.

Creating a standard barcode train ticket allows for tickets to be accepted across railroad franchises, allowing passengers to print tickets at home or display them on their mobile phones. Rather than having diverse printed train tickets, the new uniform barcode system saves the rail companies money on printing, the passengers’ time on waiting in line at the station, and the environment.

The solution was implemented by Masabi, who specialize in rendering barcode information on mobile phone screens. Through their expertise, they discovered that customers will gladly buy tickets using their mobile phone, which can be done travelling to, or upon arrival at the railroad station. Masabi’s Java application stores the customer’s credit card details locally, so all the passenger has to do is simply key in a three-digit code along with their depart and arrival cities. The ticket is the purchased and delivered over SMS or data connection where available.

In order to ensure validity, ticket inspectors will be equipped with 2D barcode readers which will scan the new standardized tickets in order to authenticate details of the passengers’ trip.

Once again, its 2D barcodes to the rescue, saving companies money and saving consumers time!