More NFC Smartphones on Their Way

Sony’s new Xperia sola will feature two NFC “SmartTags,” adding to the collection of NFC-enabled phones on the market—what will this mean for mobile?

Sony recently announced it’s latest Android phone, the Xperia sola. Equipped with two NFC “SmartTags,” the Xperia sola will go above and beyond the capabilities of a standard NFC phone. The Xperia sola will be able to be personalized with up to 10 commands. The first tag, ideal for a living room, will activate Wi-Fi and launch Google news and weather apps, and the other tag, ideal for a bedroom, can turn on the phone’s alarm and switch the phone to silent mode.

Essentially, users won’t even have to touch their phone—especially since the Xperia sola also has a feature called “floating touch,” which allows users to select what they wish by simply hovering over an area. No more messy, fingerprinted screens!

Watch the Xperia sola in action:

It’s exciting to hear that more phones will be NFC-enabled, but what exactly will this mean for mobile—will other companies keep up so consumers can make use of such high-functioning features on their phones? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.