Modularity is King in Rugged Mobile Devices

Earlier this year, Gartner’s report, “MarketScope for the Ruggedized Handheld Computer Market (Global),” was released, providing an overview of key vendors in ruggedized mobile computing, the vertical markets they served, an analysis of their solutions and the industry at large.

The report highlighted several industry factors, stating, “Enterprises want devices that are modular and flexible enough to last five to seven years in a rapidly changing vendor and technology environment.… Users want the flexibility to address their choice of input technologies, which will vary depending on the individual business process, without having to displace large portions of their existing IT investment.”

While there are many options when choosing a rugged mobile device, choosing one that allows for this much desired flexibility is crucial. Psion’s Omnii Platform offers a very adaptable and modular family of ruggedized handheld devices offer extreme flexibility, allowing customers to buy only what they need to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

“The adaptability of our Omnii platform brings additional value to our customers and partners by enabling them to upgrade devices with minimal disruption and downtime,” said John Conoley, CEO, Psion.

Learn more about how Psion’s modularity is ideal for today’s workplace demands and discover what Psion can do for you.