Mobility Solutions Bring Greater Efficiency to Kennards Hire

Kennards Hire has grown into one of the biggest family-owned equipment rental companies in Australia, and they are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve.

One area that was in need of an overhaul was their manual paper-based procedure for hiring and returning equipment. It was a time-consuming process for customers, who had to visit their local branch in person to fill out the details. In addition, it was not the most efficient way of doing business as returned equipment could not be made available for hire once again until all the right paperwork had been filled out and filed.

In 2016, they implemented an end-to-end reservation platform online that is an industry first.
Now, customers can see their entire range of products online, check availability at their desired location, see current prices, and rent the equipment all from the comfort of wherever they happen to be. They can also use advanced search functions to filter by price, location, availability and other parameters. They can then have their desired equipment delivered or opt to pick it up at the branch of their choice with click and collect.

Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50 Makes Transactions Easier

In order to enhance the experience of ordering for their customers, Kennards enlisted the help of Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50 mobile handheld computers. When customers arrive to pick up the equipment they’ve rented online, workers can use the Dolphin handhelds as a mobile point of sale device to help them check out.

The CT50 also allows workers to scan the labels and tags on equipment immediately upon its return so they can put it up for rent again right away, maximizing their revenue opportunities. It also allows them to bill the customer and schedule the equipment for service as required in real time.

Working together with Honeywell has allowed Kennards Hire to make their business more efficient and prosperous thanks to intelligent solutions that benefit the company and its customers alike.

To learn more about this innovative Honeywell solution, download the Case Study.

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