Zebra TC55: Protecting Security Guards

Skillweb’s SmartTask security guard management system allows firms to monitor and plan their security guards’ activities in real time. It enables them to access a checklist of tasks that need to be carried out, such as checking that doors are locked and unlocked at the right time and confirming alarms have been activates. It allows those with access to the control center to update tasks, redirect guards, or notify them if they forgot to perform an important task.

Some firms might be tempted to have workers use this type of system on their smartphone, but these devices are simply too vulnerable to failure. That’s why Skillweb chose the TC55 Touch Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies.

This device is rugged enough to survive accidental drops, yet it still has the elegance and discretion of a smartphone. The TC55 makes use of near-field communication to make sure everything goes according to plan. Data can be logged in the control center in real time, and any incident reports can be sent automatically to a list of predetermined recipients. Customers can also be given the ability to access this information online, including the records of all of the guards’ activity.

Protecting Those Who Work Alone

Many of these workers perform their jobs alone, which can be extremely risky if something goes wrong. In the event of a break-in or injury, the TC55 can be used by the guard to trigger a lone worker alarm, which will send their GPS coordinates to controllers so that help can be dispatched rapidly.

Security guards carry out important tasks that can save companies a lot of money, which is why protecting them and providing them with the proper equipment is of the utmost importance.

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