Mobile Printing Saves Time and Money

In a struggling economy, companies are constantly looking for a way to cut costs, particularly in the realm of operational expenses. Because of this, more and more companies are discovering that mobile printing solutions are the investment that they have been waiting for.

While some may be trying to extend the life of their struggling legacy printers, forward thinking companies are investing in mobile printing since they cost effectively complement other automation and mobility processes.

Over a long period of time, inefficient print processes cost businesses time and money, which could all be avoided by using mobile printing. Since saving steps saves time, and saving time saves money, the value of mobile printing relies upon the distance between a stationary printer and its users, the average hourly labor costs, and the importance of keeping operations on schedule.

Today’s mobile printers reliable and rugged and comply with enterprise IT requirements. Mobile printers provide value by helping to raise productivity and lower costs, while creating a flexible workflow.

This post is based off the Intermec White Paper Time is Money. Download the full version here.