Mobile Payment System Installed for Parking in NYC

Over the years, we’ve watch interest in mobile payment increase drastically, but adoption is not yet widespread due to the lack of NFC-enabled smartphones on the market.

As mobile device manufacturers begin to adapt their products to support NFC, we’re seeing an increase in the number of mainstream mobile payment applications.

Recently, the New York City Department of Transportation agreed to create 264 parking spaces throughout 18 blocks in the Bronx that will accept mobile payments. Mobile payment service will be provided by PayByPhone.

The NYC DOT decided to install meters that accepted mobile payments in order to improve the parking situation. Best of all, the cost will be no different from paying with coins. But even better, the mobile payment system will send patrons emails or texts that remind them when their meter is about to expire.

While the convenience of mobile payment is an obvious benefit for parking patrons, it also benefits NYPD—they will now be able to use handheld mobile devices that provide them with real time information on what meters have been fed.
While mobile payment applications still seem to be few and far between, hopefully mass implementations such as this will help mobile payment systems become more widespread.

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