Mobile Labeling for Re-pricing Saves Time & Money

Mobile label printing is a crucial time-saver for retailers needing to re-price.

When products go on sale in a retail environment, customers obviously get excited because they are saving money, but did you know you could save money too? It can be a hassle for workers to have to reprint new prices in a back room, then go around to all of the products to include the new price. That’s why printing new price labels in real-time with mobile printers makes sense.

Zebra Technologies recently discussed the advantages of mobile label printing, estimating that retailers typically save from 25 to 40 percent in time once they make the switch to printing in the aisle.

Mobile printing in the retail environment improves efficiency by reducing labor requirements and ultimately, improves accuracy. Check out their mobile retail ROI calculator to see how mobile printing can save and learn more about Zebra Technologies.