Mobile Devices That Improve Worker Productivity

A worker’s mobile device is with them all day, everyday, so it’s important that it help, not hinder, their performance. To be effective, a good mobile computer needs to improve productivity, designed to meet the needs, abilities and limitations of workers and their environments.

A good mobile device needs to be ergonomic. For mobile workers, if a device is too heavy, or awkward or difficult to use, productivity will suffer and job satisfaction will decrease, harming both the worker and the company.

But how do you evaluate the ergonomics of a mobile computer? Look for the following:

Outer Shell
The outer shell of the mobile device needs to be comfortable. Ask yourself the following when examining the shell of a mobile device:

  • Does the body of the device fit the contour of a worker’s hand?>/li>
  • Is the keyboard easily accessible?
  • Is the device slip-resistant in wet conditions?
  • Are there extra gripping points lining the body to lock a worker’s hand into place?
  • Does it work for both right- and left-handed workers?

The keypad of the device should be both ergonomic and aesthetic—it’s the main source of interaction between the worker and computer. When looking at the keypad of a prospective, notice:

  • Key size, spacing, shapes, colors and text characteristics
  • Different keyboard options, such as QWERTY, function keys, etc.
  • Wear-resistance

The display is one of the most important features on a mobile device. It should:

  • Fit your application’s needs
  • Provide screen protection
  • Offer a high image quality
  • Be angled to prevent wrist injury
  • Be readable in all lighting conditions

While there are many mobile device manufacturers on the market, Psion is one who prides itself on their ergonomic mobile devices. The ensure that their handhelds fit securely in workers’ hands, consider various applications, offer a variety of keypad options, have readable displays in any conditions, and provide ergonomic accessories to ensure the job gets done.

Learn more about how Psion considers ergonomics in all facets of their devices.