Is the Mobile Device You’re Considering Truly Rugged Enough?

Sales people have a way of making you believe that whatever they are peddling is perfect for your needs, and with many modern mobile devices, this could well be the case. But how do you know if a particular mobile device has what it takes to keep up with the rough conditions it will be subjected to?

If your field service teams face cold and snow, heat and humidity, or extremely dry and sunny conditions, you’ll know the importance of having a highly rugged mobile device that is up to the task.

When you ask the salesperson how rugged it is, you might hear the typical spiel about its temperature range and IP rating, but you shouldn’t stop there. “Rugged” is actually a very subjective term, and your idea of rugged might not match that of the salesperson.

Mil Spec Claims Warrant Further Exploration

Take the Mil Spec 810G compliance, for example. These guidelines only state how a manufacturer ought to conduct its durability tests. To pass the drop test, it must be dropped 26 different ways – including on each corner and on its face, in addition to many other angles – but the height of the drop or the surface it must land on is not specified. It also fails to specify whether the unit needs to be operating when it is dropped or if it still needs to be operating after the test.

That’s why it’s essential to ask some follow-up questions when you hear Mil Spec claims. Find out how far it was dropped during the test and onto what type of surface, being sure to ask if any damage occurred and whether the unit was in transit or operational when it was dropped.

You should also get some clarification on what the manufacturer considers a “successful” test. Was the unit damaged, and if so, was it still usable? In addition, find out whether dust and water protection were determined with the input/output doors opened, closed or both. There are lots of ways that these ratings can obscure the truth, so be sure you find out if the device truly meets the rugged requirements of your specific workforce.

This blog post was based off of an article from XPLORE. View the original here.

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