Mobile Couponing

A recent study was commissioned by Honeywell and conducted by Harris Interactive regarding the concept of mobile couponing. While mobile couponing is relatively new, the study found that 46% of adults who own a mobile phone are somewhat likely to try redeeming barcoded coupons via their mobile phones.Young adults ages 18-34 make up the largest demographic, with 66% somewhat likely to try the technology. Although the technology is somewhat new, almost 31% of adults and 50% of young adults with mobile phones would be willing to share their phone number with retailers in order to receive mobile coupons. With such a strong acceptance of such a new technology, retailers are excited to offer more rewards programs.

While QR phones have been allowing consumers to turn their cell phones into barcode scanners, scanning a 1D barcode from the screen of the cell phone is an even newer technology that will take the cooperation of retailers and consumers alike in order to implement successful coupons and loyalty programs.

Would you sign up for mobile couponing on your cell phone?