Mobile Computers Used for Electronic Ticketing

If you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket, you may have noticed that the information was handwritten by the officer, making it difficult to read. Although this system sufficed for years, we now welcome technological advances that offer clarity and time saving solutions.
Paper based systems lend themselves to errors such as smudges, illegible handwriting and content errors. On average, these errors cause 20-30% of tickets to be dismissed, which doesn’t bode well for the police department’s revenue.

In order to improve accuracy, and ultimately save money, more police stations are switching to electronic citations, also known as e-ticking or e-citations. Electronic systems allow law enforcement agencies to rapidly collect data and complete reports without sacrificing time or accuracy. To do this, they are turning to mobile computers, barcode scanners and mobile printers.

Just a simple scan of a driver’s license with a mobile computer with barcode scanning capabilities in conjunction with e-ticketing software allows information to be put in the court system in real-time. Officers can use a mobile printer to quickly print the ticket with all of the necessary information, saving time for the officers and increasing readability.

The Idaho State police recently implemented an e-ticketing system and they anticipate that ticketing time will be cut in half, which accuracy will improve by at least 10%, reducing administration time all around.
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Based on Intermec Realtime