Mobile Commerce on the Rise

Mobility was once a term we used to discuss warehouse and fleet management, but now, it’s so much more. Mobility at the consumer level is becoming extremely prevalent—from smartphones, to QR codes, to mobile commerce, consumers are doing more on the go, and brands are doing everything possible to make their mobile experience a good one.

Last July, eBay bought out RedLaser, a barcode scanning app, to better integrate with their mobile app. Now, mobile commerce is at the forefront of every retailers mind, and for good reason. The number of US consumers that have purchased goods or services via their mobile phone has risen 23% from July 2010 to year end according to an Oracle/ATG Mobile Trends survey. 40% of mobile shoppers are between 18-34, but the growth of consumers between 34-54 that participate in mobile commerce has increased nearly tripled as of December 2010. These statistics are similar to those found in a previous study on QR code usage and adoption.

Even when shopping at a brick and mortar store, consumers are still on their phones, researching products and seeing where they can get the best price. Because of this, marketers are focusing on optimizing the consumer’s mobile experience, as tolerance for glitches are very low.

Have you used your mobile phone to purchase something online, or do you simply use it for price comparison, or maybe you don’t use it for commerce purposes at all. Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.