Mobile Barcode User Adoption Rapidly Expanding in US

Here at Barcoding Blog, we’ve been follow the use of QR codes and similar types of 2D barcodes over the past few years and have seen tremendous growth. While advertiser use is definitely growing, consumer adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate. ScanBuy recently released a report of barcode usage on its own platform, ScanLife, between June 1 and September 15.

It was found that there were more barcode scans in July 2010 than the entire year of 2009, speaking for the technology’s growth. In fact, for ScanBuy, barcode scanning has increased by 700% since the beginning of 2010.

QR codes aren’t the only barcodes getting scanned. Many apps also scan 1D barcodes, and ScanBuy’s report found that 1D and 2D barcodes are being scanned about equally. To the average consumer, the format of the barcode is not as important as accessing information quickly.

85% of barcodes lead consumers to a URL, with the breakdown as follows:

  • Health & Beauty: 21%
  • Groceries: 14.4%
  • Books: 12.6%
  • Kitchen: 9.2%

Of these people, ScanBuy noticed that they are actually purchasing goods through their mobile devices, taking mobile e-commerce to the next level. Demographics wise, the study found that the bulk (about half) of barcode users are males, aged 35-45. In terms of platforms, usage is as follows:

  • Android: 45%
  • BlackBerry: 27%
  • iPhone: 15%
  • Symbian: 9%
  • Java: 3%
  • Windows Mobile: 1%

As you can see, Android phone users are by far the most barcode savvy and these numbers are very promising for mobile barcodes in general. A few years ago, we speculated as to whether or not barcode scanning would truly catch on in the US or not, and from the looks of ScanBuy’s study, it seems as though mobile barcode scanning is here to stay!

If you use mobile barcodes frequently, let us know how they have impacted your life, or if you haven’t adopted mobile barcodes into your life, what is the major issue preventing you from doing so? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.