Mobile Barcode Scanning in US Increases

3GVision recently released a report entitled Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage. The report depicts exponential growth in mobile barcode usage, both in the United States and Worldwide. While I’ve been following mobile barcodes since 2008, I was initially concerned about their adoption in the US. However, the findings of the report show that the US is now the number one user of mobile barcodes in the world, with a huge margin over any other country.

The top five users of mobile barcodes during May 2011 throughout the world are as follows:

  • 1) United States
  • 2) Germany
  • 3) United Kingdom
  • 4) Italy
  • 5) Canada

However, its important to note that these results are based on the total number of QR code, Datamatrix and UPC/EAN scans recorded. While the i-nigma scanner is prevalent throughout the world, and many believe these numbers are indicitive of global market activity, it may be possible that other barcode scanning apps are more popular in some countries than others. Either way, I’m happy to find that the US is now a leader in mobile barcode scanning, after being behind Japan and other European countries for many years. But, what do you think, are the number of i-nigma scans a representative of the global market trends, or is it perhaps a popular scanner in some countries versus others? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.