Mobile Barcode Marketing with Hipcricket and Scanbuy

Hipcricket, a leader in mobile marketing, has teamed up with Scanbuy, a provider of mobile barcode scanner apps, to offer companies the opportunity to launch successful barcode marketing campaigns.

When a barcode is scanned, clients will be offered enhanced capabilities, such as offering rich media. Barcode scanning has exploded over the last few years and it is becoming a key player in mobile marketing. With Scanbuy’s barcode resources and Hipcricket’s mobile marketing strategies, the solution is sure to create optimized customer interactions, meaning highly successful campaigns for companies.

With such a rapid expansion, a lot of companies are not going to have the immediate resources to implement a successful campaign. I think Hipcricket’s partnership with Scanbuy will only bring about more companies to start using mobile barcodes as a main source of their marketing campaigns.

As more companies begin to adopt mobile barcode marketing, I wonder if the market will become flooded with barcodes? Will every product/sign ultimately have a barcode that links consumers to additional information? As a consumer, how would you feel about this- would it be helpful, or becoming overwhelming? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.