Mobile Barcode Apps

The barcode used to be thought of as something to be scanned by store clerks, but mobile technology has revolutionized the way barcodes are used, and the possibilities are still unfolding. With the advent of apps for phones such as the Droid and iPhone, there has been a rise amongst consumers who use barcodes in their daily lives. Below are some of the more popular apps that use barcodes.

i-nigma reader
i-nigma is one of the most used mobile barcode reader in the world, with over 150 million members throughout the world. The i-nigma readers allows users to decode mobile barcodes that link to the internet and suppords over 250 mobile devices. Learn more about i-nigma here.

Shop Savvy
Shop Savvy is an app that allows users to lookup any product that has a barcode. Consumers simply scan the barcode with their camera phone, perhaps using the above reader, and they are privy to information on that product, such as reviews. In addition, Shop Savvy allows users to create a “price alert,” sending notifications when the price drops into the consumers selected range. In addition, users of the Shop Savvy app can create wish lists in order to organize all the products they want by the touch of a scan. Learn more about Shop Savvy here.

Cellfire is a free app that sends barcoded coupons to you for valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. There’s no more need to clip and carry coupons anymore… Cellfire stores them all on your phone! Learn more about Cellfire here.

Other popular barcode related apps are RedLaser, ScanLife and Cardstar.

If you’ve used an app that involved barcodes on your mobile phone, tell us which one and how you liked it!