MissionTix.com To Start Using Mobile Ticketing

While we’ve often discussed mobile ticketing, we were happy to announce our involvement with MissionTix.com, an online ticketing service.

Through the use of software, venues will be able to use handheld mobile devices to scan barcodes from both printed tickets and those displayed on a smartphone screen. This offers a great benefit to ticket holders, who will no longer have to take the time and find the resources to print their tickets, but can rather simply display their ticket on their phone, provided that they have internet access. By using the right software, the barcode scanners will be able to recognize and scan the ticket’s barcode on screen, all while tracking admitted tickets into the system in real-time.

Mobile ticketing is truly revolutionizing the entertainment industry, offering customers the convenience they crave and venues the tracking they need. Missiontix.com’s new system made its debut in June 2010 at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD.

To see how the system in action, watch the video here.

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