Minority Report: Customized Billboards with RFID

Recently, we discussed RFID as it relates to privacy. While some scenarios, such as the case of Wal-Mart, can easily argue that the supply chain benefits outweigh the privacy concerns, there are other scenarios where this may not be the case.

Arguably, such is the case with research being conducted at IBM. Like in the movie Minority Report, where billboards can be personalized via scans from the eye, researchers at IBM are working on personalizing billboards via, you guessed it, RFID.

Since RFID chips are increasingly placed in licenses, credit cards, and cellphones, marketers intend on taking advantage of the opportunity to personalize. Imagine a world where all the billboards you saw were customized to you based on your preferences.

Although it’s still in developmental stages, there is already a billboard in Japan that tailors its messaging based on the age and gender of the passerby. This strategy will be taken a step farther with IBM research, allowing advertisements to be specifically tailored to an individual.

While I definitely see the benefits for marketers, I’m not so sure that the benefits outweigh the concerns for consumers. Let us know how you feel about billboard personalization through RFID by commenting here, or on our Facebook page.