Minimize Downtime and Maximize Efficiency with Zebra’s TC70

Create seamless customer experiences in retail and beyond with functionable, easy-to-employ technology that any employee can confidently utilize during a transaction. Providing devices similar to smartphones allows companies to hire young people who will be familiar with the technology’s interface, creating the opportunity for more, new hires. In the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, Dutch retailer The Sting has deployed Zebra Technologies’ TC70 Touch Computers for use within their stores.

This particular retailer focuses on customer assistance and encourages employees to help shoppers out on the floor. When a customer has a question regarding a product or its pricing, The Sting depends on their software to be able to quickly and efficiently provide an answer. The TC70 grants both in-store and out-of-store employees a peace of mind: information regarding their stock can be accessed seamlessly via Zebra’s computers.

Zebra and Neptune Software have partnered to help The Sting create apps to run on their TC70 Computers, which allow employees to take photos for reports on shop issues, or check product information. With the TC70, companies can look to the limitless future and imagine all of the possibilities at their disposal.

With SOTI’s MobilControl features, The Sting is able to track the TC70’s battery performance, usage, and location. The company’s IT Director, Bart Overbeek, raved about the devices’ functionality: “our retail staff absolutely love [their] look, handling, and performance.” Zebra prides themselves and their products on efficiency: the TC70 reduces downtime and returns. Most importantly, the devices and their ability to perform with MobiControl “make life much easier” for Overbeek.

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This blog post was based off an article by Zebra. Read the full article here.