Millennial Managers Are Breathing New Life Into Supply Chain Management

The future of any industry depends on its next generation of leaders, and their attitude toward business will play a key role in the direction the industry in question takes. That’s why the media has been giving so much attention toe the Millennial generation and how their approach differs from that of previous generations.

Millennials have earned a reputation for being digitally savvy and bright yet sometimes entitled and self-centered. However, this characterization is unfair at best, as illustrated by some of the young up-and-comers working in the supply chain industry.

Transforming The Industry And Shaping Future Leaders

For example, Meredith Marsico is just 31. Nine years ago, she started with a management consulting firm, where her constant customer interaction gave her the right background to become the director of solution design for DHL Supply Chain. There, her responsibilities include designing and implementing solutions and operating the resulting network should the customer desire it. She says that her overarching role is providing solutions that deal with her customers’ pain points, which could be related to transportation, reverse logistics, or distribution.

In her spare time, she is the co-chair of a breakfast speakers program at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Supply Chain Management, which is where she earned her MBA. This program has been very successful, attracting students numbering in the hundreds and inspiring future leaders in the industry.

This is just one example of millennials being so much more than their reputation might indicate, While some might have job-hopped, plenty of others have been with the same employer for their entire working lives. They might have the digital know-how, but they also have strong business instincts. And while many of them tend to be very ambitious, they are also often quite realistic. One thing that really sets them apart is their interest in outreach and collaboration, which bodes very well for the future of the supply chain profession.

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